Cesta je náš cíl (JID project) - (Erasmus+, Partnerství škol)

Project information:

Project duration:

1. 9. 2020 – 31. 10. 2021 (14 month)

Our goal:

The main objective is an exchange of methodology and good practices in the field of logistics and information technology. The project aims to raise awareness of ways and specific requirements of road and water transport and to deepen the knowledge of the partners’ cultures at the same time. The choice of the project goal is related to the regional specifics. A subsequent objective is to embed gained experience, outcomes and examples of good practice into the education process. Knowledge and skills will be passed on in the form of peer-to-peer learning among students and teachers, as well.


JID, the conjointed project of schools from the Czech Republic and Poland, was formed by a firm named Erasmus. Our school was chosen from many other contestants. We are a class of 14 people and our work on the project is the IT part, as you can see on this site that we made. The Polish students have the logistics skills that are needed for this project aswell.







Teachers involved in the project:

Mgr. et Mgr. Jan Škoda – projećt coordinator

Ing. Michal Bubílek – expert

Ing. Andrea Škodová – English teacher

Tomáš Polák – expert